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 Aerrielle Tankadin!

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PostSubject: Aerrielle Tankadin!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:04 pm

Ingame Name: Aerrielle

Age:Quickly approaching old geezer status - 35

From Whom did you hear about The Covenant?

From Lorfan, who says his main is Zantheren


What is your spec? Protection 49, ret 12, I consider myself a tank, though I sometimes go ret for amusement. Also have a so so heal set (+1513 heal)to switch to if Im not needed to tank in a particular fight.

Our guild sometimes has specific needs for end-game situations. Are you willing to consider changing your spec to fit these needs? (Please note this only applies to certain classes)

I will happily switch between protection and retribution, not so happily for holy (doesnt fit my vision of the paladin and us non holy palies pre bc have not been treated well).

What other guilds have you been a part of on this server? If any, why did you leave?

Immortals to fel shadows. Immortals were some people I use to be in a guild with back in DAOC but they severely limited who they would let join and and were very casual players, and I wanted to go into raids.

From fel shadows to serpentine fire -- wasnt there when it happened, but guild leader caused a stir ( he was planning to leave with his main char) and it caused the guild to disintegrate, the majority of the guild of fel shadows then went to serpentine fire.

Left serpentine fire as a lot of the main raiders in it left to join another guild as we didnt have enough committed members for 25 mans. Unfortunately as I would like to go with them, their new guild raids to late for me with my new job. So I went guildless as a sort of advertising myself.

Do you have a stable connection?

Mostly, there is the odd bad day like I assume everyone has connection wise.

What are your available playtimes?
Raid invites are set for 6:30pm first pull at 7:00
Monday: 645pm EST to 1130 EST
Tuesday:645pm EST to 1130 EST
Wednesday:645pm EST to 1130 EST
Thursday:645pm EST to 1130 EST
Friday:?????depends on beer and movies
Saturday:?????depends on beer and movies
Sunday:1pmEST to 1130 EST

Are you willing to pay high repair bills to learn new content?

Are you attuned for Kara? What experience/bosses have you downed?
yup, all bosses
Other Raid experience IE: Gruul's SSC etc.
Gruuls, Za - 4 bosses, SSC - lurker, Tempest Keep - void reaver

Please put an 'X' in the boxes that best describe your gear: TBC Gear only please.

[ ] I am wearing mostly Uncommon (Green) items and a few Rare (Blue) items.
[ ] I am wearing mostly Rare (blue) Items with some Tier 3.5 class set (Hallowed, Oblivion, etc)
[ ] I am wearing mostly Rare (Blue) Items with some Epic (Purple) Items
[x] I am wearing mostly Epic (Purple) items and some Tier 4 class set
[ ] Other

Armory: http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com - please lookup and provide a direct link to YOUR armory... this is expected of you. Also, It would be best to logoff in your 'raiding' gear while your application is active.


Tell us in your own words, why The Covenant should consider you.

To help out with tanking, and another person who wants to spend the time in end game content.

Thank you for applying to The Covenant. Once you have submitted your application, please send an ingame tell to Zantheren (guild recruitment officer).

The Covenant Guild

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Aerrielle Tankadin!
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