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 Warlock application

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PostSubject: Warlock application   Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:05 pm

Ingame Name: Hisoka
Level: 70
Class: Warlock
Race: Human

Age: 23

From Whom did you hear about The Covenant?
Eitrigg's forum

Timezone: Central

What is your spec? Destro- I have two specs that I uses every week when I was still raiding. One was for pvp - 0/14/47 while pve it would be 0/21/40

Our guild sometimes has specific needs for end-game situations. Are you willing to consider changing your spec to fit these needs? (Please note this only applies to certain classes) I have no problem with that since I want to down bosses.

What other guilds have you been a part of on this server? If any, why did you leave? I was in Frozen Blades. I left Frozen Blades because the guild was changing at a rapid pace and the direction it was going was not what I liked the guild for.

Do you have a stable connection?I would says yes. I'm currently using SBC dsl and rarely do I experience any downtime.

What are your available playtimes?Normally I would log on at 6:30pm server time Monday to Friday. However, I could log on earlier around 6pm if needed. Also, I could definitely camp my character at the instance the night before with all the pot/reagent/etc if I were to log on at 6:30pm. Saturday and Sunday, I play randomly but if there is a set time/date for raiding, I should normally be able to make it.

Are you willing to pay high repair bills to learn new content? Sure

Are you attuned for Kara? What experience/bosses have you downed?
Yes, I'm attuned for Kara. I didn't kill prince or nightbane. I tend to skip kara since Kara loot would benefit other peeps in my previous guild than it would benefit me.

Other Raid experience IE: Gruul's SSC etc.
Cleared Gruul's Lair and killed VR in TK with Frozen Blades.
Attempted various bosses in SSC/TK

Please put an 'X' in the boxes that best describe your gear: TBC Gear only please.

[ ] I am wearing mostly Uncommon (Green) items and a few Rare (Blue) items.
[ ] I am wearing mostly Rare (blue) Items with some Tier 3.5 class set (Hallowed, Oblivion, etc)
[ ] I am wearing mostly Rare (Blue) Items with some Epic (Purple) Items
[ ] I am wearing mostly Epic (Purple) items and some Tier 4 class set
[ X] Other (Mainly pvp/heroic gears)

Armory: - please lookup and provide a direct link to YOUR armory... this is expected of you. Also, It would be best to logoff in your 'raiding' gear while your application is active. (Armory currently have me in my pvp gear. However, my pve gear isn't much different except having about 60 more +hit, about 3%more crt, and about 100more shadow dmg while my HP decrease by 2000hp)

Tell us in your own words, why The Covenant should consider you.
I come to raid to kill bosses not compete for damage meter. I loot very efficiently when it comes to raid loot. I most definitely will pass on loot to other guildies if the gear benefit them more than it would for me. Also, I will try to get gear by myself first before I even think about looting raid loot.
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Warlock application
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